What is CSCO Genie?

CSCO Genie (Chief Supply Chain Officers), one of the various forums under CXO Genie, is a network of over 350 CSCOs who have come together with the common objective of solving any given problem within 15 minutes.
For more details, visit us at www.cscogenie.com

What is the purpose of the forum?

Besides the primary objective of solving real life problems being faced by CSCOs, the other objective is networking with fellow CSCO members in India as well as with members based in Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, USA, and East Africa. Nature of queries range from request for sharing contacts of experts, seek advice on financial/business aspects, to ask for recommendations of consultants, open jobs, candidates etc.

However, we do not allow sharing Forwards, Jokes, Images, Greetings & wishing on birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, National holidays, political opinions, etc. This helps us maintain focus on providing solutions to problems on the forum. In case a member feels strongly about sharing any forward, the member must donate 200 points for each such share. Members are however, allowed to share their personal achievements on the group. Example: CSCO award etc. We encourage members to congratulate or welcome members on a 1:1 basis only,
thereby connecting with them on a personal level.

How does one become the member of the group?

This Forum is a closed group and is strictly on invite or referral basis. In case of referral, it has to be by the existing member who is personally known to the prospective member. The intention is to have like-minded people on the
group, who are willing to either benefit from the group or contribute to it. The decision of providing membership to the group solely rests with the CXO Genie management team.

What is the qualification criteria for me to be eligible to be a member of the forum?

Anyone who has served in the capacity of a CSCO, COO, Head of Supply Chain, Head of Logistics/Procurement/Distribution & Planning, in any tenure of his or her professional journey, is eligible to be a member. The person in a specific role, should have reporting to CEO or Business Head of a given vertical within the company. CSCO role is not restricted to the type of company or industry. It can be a listed company or a startup or a private limited.

Membership can be subscribed to as an individual or sponsored by your corporate/company depending upon the subscription plan you decide to choose.

How is CSCO Genie different from any other CSCO forums, online or offline?

We focus on solving real life problems in real time and thus structured differently in following areas:

  • By Invitation only and limited to very accomplished and like-minded professionals.
  • Closed group, with strict privacy adherence.
  • Built around 3 Pillars of High speed of solutioning, Highest quality & Cost-effectiveness.
  • With the insight that CXOs do not have time, every process is aligned to deliver best value for their time.
  • Solutions within 15 minutes is supported and enabled by technology and real time connectivity.
  • Professionally curated by very senior industry professionals, with relevant experience as CSCOs
  • High quality of discussions that are free from spam, advertisement, forwards etc.
  • Option to choose a membership plan as per your preference (Individual/Corporate), membership continues post retirement on a complimentary basis.
  • Enabled by high degree of Technology leverage & Trust, emphasis on members’ data privacy.

Is CSCO Genie a paid platform or free?

In our endeavor to achieve new heights and to continue to be the go-to platform for all CSCO related challenges, CSCO Genie is based on subscription-based model through which we intend to cover all operational costs such
as People cost (In-house team and App Developers, travel etc.) and Infrastructure cost (Licenses, trademarks, compliance, Servers, SQL, Office space, Website etc.).

To gauge and experience the value of this platform we do provide the advantage through a trial membership which gives you an opportunity to have the real-time solutions and networking on the CXO Genie App. As a trial member, you are also entitled to other benefits including event invitations, newsletters, webinars etc. Connect with other CSCOs, learn, and solve any given query within 15 minutes on this peer-to peer networking platform.

What is the CXO Genie App?

CXO Genie App is a platform, that the forum uses to leverage the power of technology and enabling solutioning within 15 mins (And by the way, we have built it with the belief that even Hiring a candidate should be a 15 mins
thing!). Queries are posted, information is shared, new members are added. CXO Genie App is a very broad platform, and uses technology to streamline and organize the information, making the navigation completely effortless. The App is covered as part of the annual membership fee for the platform. Member’s corporate can cover for the subscription too.

What are the benefits of using the CXO Genie APP?

While the App packs in a lot of technology, below is the high-level set of top features and benefits:

A. Real-time Solutions: This App is built to enable group conversations that can handle thousands of members simultaneously (Vs say, WhatsApp that can handle only 256 members), and enable solution for any given problem with 15 minutes by leveraging more than 7000 years of relevant cumulative experience. There is full traceability and history maintained for the solutions given.

B. Members’ Directory: With built-in phone numbers, mail IDs, ability to call, e-mail other members etc. now reaching any other CSCO in the country is at your fingertips. Ability to filter is unique.

C. Talent Solutions: Access talent, apply filters, shortlist candidates, all at no additional charges. Whenever any member posts an open role on the platform, the App can automatically shortlists top 3 relevant
candidates. With full access to mail IDs, phone numbers and resumes built into the platform, you will also receive an email with candidates’ details. The automated feature on the App gives you easy and hassle–free experience of hiring the best talent for the job within 15 minutes.

D. Pre-referred Candidates: CXO Genie is the only platform globally to have 100% of the candidates being pre-referred by other CSCOs. During the hiring process you can reach out to the referrer and get feedback.

E. Access to Historical Solutions: When you join the App, you can access all historical discussions unlike WhatsApp where only future conversations are accessible.

F. Micro-learning Platform: The App serves as a micro-learning platform for CSCOs across the spectrum with every new query or challenge posted by one CSCO while being solved by others.

G. Cross Forum Expertise: : Often as a functional Head you may have a query relating to another function. With this new and easy-to-use feature post such cross functional queries to other CXO Genie forums and
get them resolved in the quickest possible manner. For example, a CSCO member can tag and post his query related to HR on CSCO Forum directly. Our automated feature will pick your query, share it on CHRO Forum, and provide you with all the responses from the HR Forum members, all on a real -time basis.

How do I refer members to the forum?

In case, you would like to introduce a friend/ ex-colleague/ peer/ family, who fits the criteria, refer them through “Refer & Earn” section on the App and get rewards (Once you have spoken to the proposed member). This feature will allow you to refer a new member in no time and will also send an email and WhatsApp message to the referee. You can also send a mail/ message on WhatsApp to our team or the Forum Anchor. Please include Name, Designation, Company and Mobile number of your reference. We will then help onboard the person, giving them details of the group and features etc.

Since the membership to the forum is by Invite only (or by referral), we encourage members to refer other great CSCOs they meet. To reward this, we have introduced exclusive Membership Referral Program for referring members.

    • The Amazon Referral Rewards: Win Amazon Vouchers for referring a member to the platform.

On Trial Membership:When a peer you refer takes up trial membership, you win an Amazon voucher worth INR 1000.
On Member Subscription: Post trial when the referred member chooses to take up a paid membership
with our platform, the referring member is entitled to an Amazon voucher worth INR 1000.

When and where does the group meet?

There are multiple events where members meet through in-person and virtual meets. Browse through our signature events below:
• Mastermind Series: We organize this annual event at various locations in India and internationally including Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Singapore, and Dubai. This summit brings together CXOs from different disciplines to share their ideas and expertise.
• Rejuvenate Series: This 3-day event unites our members and their families from across regions to network in a fun-filled and relaxed environment at an exquisite location.
• MasterConnect Series: As the COVID 19 situation engulfed us all, we kept our members connected through virtual meets. In these forum specific get-togethers members discuss challenges and strategies related to their functional roles.
• In-person Connect Series: These are forum specific roundtables and informal get-togethers, arranged in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune etc. to engage all our members residing at different locations.
• Ignite Series: In this series, we host motivational and iconic speakers who share their insights on topical issues and inspire the audience to take meaningful action in the right direction.
• MasterClass Series: It is a series of weekly webinars by industry experts on the most discussed topics across forums on the CXO Genie platform.

How do I get updates of CXO Genie events for registration?

Members can join events by simply registering through “Events Calendar” on the App. Find a complete list of upcoming events’ schedule and their registration details in this section. Find the Calendar Icon on the top right section of your Discussion Forum tab on the App or in the settings tab. Visit us at www.cscogenie.com or follow our LinkedIn/Facebook page for regular updates on events.

How does one pay by points for the group’s networking events?

There are no charges for subscribed members. However, for non-subscribed members, the annual events are on cost sharing basis. At the time of the event, you may use the points that you have accumulated to pay for the same. Each point is worth INR 10/-. Other modes of payment are by NEFT, Cheque, Cash, Paytm etc. Option of payment by credit card is also available via an online link.

I know a great candidate looking for a suitable role, how do I refer him/her to the forum?

Refer a candidate on App: You can simply generate a link and send to the candidate, by pressing “+” button in the “Candidates” section of the App. This link can be shared via your preferred mode of communication (email, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.).

• Once your referred candidate has uploaded her/his details, the App has the ability to suggest top 3 most suitable jobs from available vacancies. You can then speak to the CSCO who has posted the role and connect the candidate to her/him.

• The validity of a candidate’s profile is for 6 months from date of posting. Post which, the referrer shall get a notification, asking whether to close the candidature or continue maintaining the same online.

• Alternatively, you can send the below link to the candidate you want to refer. The candidate can fill the basic information, following which his details will be visible to all other CSCOs for suitable job openings.

Where do I refer to list of available candidates when I have a vacancy at my organization?

If you have a vacancy in your team you can view a comprehensive list of candidates on the App who are looking for a suitable opportunity, recommended by fellow CSCO members. When you click on any particular name in the list, you will be able to see a snapshot of the individual’s career path. The App also provides an access to their LinkedIn profile, as well as their uploaded resume for detailed information.

How do we contact candidates from the referral list?

You can contact the suitable candidate directly via email or phone number available in the App. Do give them the name of the referrer, as it appears in the database. You may also reach out to the referrer for recommendations/feedback.

What is the process for senior supply chain roles/ CSCO roles?

Any senior role (CTC > INR 50 Lakhs) is to be posted in the “SR.Role” (Senior role tab) on the CXO Genie App. In this case, the referring member is expected to provide the contact details (Name, Email, and Phone number) for the respective role to Group Admin and the referring member is awarded 100 points. The member seeking the role gets details from Admin and can call the relevant contact by referring the name of the member who provided the contact details. However, access to this facility is available only to members with annual subscription.

I have an open position to be filled, how do I post the job on the forum?

  • Job posting on App: : If you want to post a job (all vacancies with CTC < INR 50 Lakhs), go to the “Jobs” tab on the App, click on the ‘+’ sign, which will then open a form for you to fill in the details. Once you are done with filling the form, you can view the same on the App. Basis the information shared by you, the App matches key criteria to suggest top 3 candidates suitable to this vacancy, which can be viewed right next to the job details. You can also mark reviewed candidates as “interviewed, “offered or “hired” in “Hiring Status” on the App and you will also be awarded points on marking the progress.
  • Suggested candidates are automatically firmed up. You can still click on refer tab if you want to suggest your candidate from the database.
  • The job posted is valid for 3 months, post which you will get a notification, asking whether you would like to close the vacancy online or continue maintaining it for next 3 months.
  • There are no restrictions in broadcasting the job details on the WhatsApp forum and seek CVs 1:1. However, the database of Candidates is available only to members using the CXO Genie App as this is now an automated process. However, you can use the below link to post the job.

How does the point system work?

We have a zero-sum game. People posting queries or asking for vendor details 40 points are deducted. The 30 points are distributed, among those who respond, while the admin gets 10 points for every query solved for managing the group operations.

– For posting openings of CSCOs or Senior Supply Chain positions with CTC >50 Lacs, 100 points each are awarded to the referring member.
– For sharing CVs/posting jobs, 10 points each are awarded.
– Minimum points per query is 40 points. The Admin takes care of the point system, which is an automated process on the App.

For example: If a member asks for consultant reference, who provides services in tax registration in various states, 40 points are deducted from the member asking the query, 10 points are added to Admin’s kitty, remaining 30 points are distributed amongst members who respond. For more complex queries the points are higher.

Can I promote my firm and its services on the platform?

We do not encourage using the platform for marketing or commercial purposes, unless any member query is specifically related to services provided by your Company. In any case, if you do wish to advertise (only for the company you work for), then we allow the same on donation of 200 points to admin’s kitty.

Can we solicit company information from members, for survey or another other such initiatives?

Members enjoy the freedom to initiate & drive discussions. However, we strongly recommend, not to seek confidential company information or share on the forum. CSCO Genie members/ admin does not take the onus of maintaining non-disclosure of the same.

What is the SPF Challenge? How do I register for it?

In early 2017, a couple of our members suffered sudden personal tragedies, in the form of loss of a loved one. Post which they were running pillar to post, to get the transfer of title and other legal and financial procedures in order. They reached out to CXO Genie, and our members went beyond their professional capacity to accommodate for our fellow members in these times of crises. Following this incident, we set up a SPF (Secure & Protect your Family) Challenge, to coax our members to record their legal and financial details and share with their family. We provided them with guidance on how to go about it, as well as a support team was set in place to which one could reach out for advice or ask their queries with respect to how to write a WILL, is the family adequately covered financially and other aspects.

This is a support initiative where one can register at any given point in time. Most importantly we do not solicit or hold in our custody any of your personal legal and/or financial details. To know more about this initiative, connect with Swati at swati.saxena@cxogenie.in

What are the other forums / initiatives of CXO Genie?

The various other forums include Chief Financial Officers (CFO Genie), Chief HR Officers (CHRO Genie), Chief Marketing Officers (CMO Genie), and Founders Genie for entrepreneurs. All these forums are anchored by Industry Veterans in their particular field. CXO Genie also runs its own UGC certified MBA program, Member
emergency support program etc. Other initiatives are:

CXO Genie Acts-COVID-19: As the Corona virus impacted the world, we initiated this exclusive crossfunctional forum to overcome COVID-19 challenges. On this forum, members discuss various COVID-19 combat strategies and support each other in professional and personal capacities. We have also formed “Covid Help Desk” to provide an urgent central support system where any member in need could reach out for help and get a comprehensive list of service providers (Hospitals/Organizations).

Saarthi Mentorship Program: Using your experience in the right way, CXO Genie offers an unparalleled opportunity to become a mentor for new-age CSCOs and start-ups. It is curated to help mentees bring out their best and work towards their business goals under the mentorship of experienced professionals and industry veterans.

How do I join the Saarthi Mentorship Program?

To join this program, follow these simple steps on the CXO GenieApp and start your journey as a Mentor.
1. Go to “Genies Tab” and click on “Be a Saarthi Mentor”
2. Select “Opt to be a Mentor”
3. Fill up the form and get started with the program
To know more about this initiative, connect with Harsh at harsh.sharma@foundersgenie.com

How can I help and support this professional forum?

The best way to support the forum is through active participation. This forum is a closed group and has limited media presence. The platform has grown only with word of mouth from the existing members and it is not available publicly. We would therefore highly encourage the members to continue to refer great CSCOs and open CSCO roles back into the platform.

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